Major Products. WINFITE Brand

Dry Powder/Clean Agent Modular Type Fire Extinguisher

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Dry Powder/Clean Agent Modular Type Fire Extinguisher. These type Fire Extinguishers are available in various capacities. This is suitable for all classes of fire. Compact sized our products are acknowledged for longer functional life, precise design, dimensional accuracy and consistent performance. Our products are very easy to install and operate. The Modular type Extinguisher is based on Sprinkler technology. Unlike the Sprinkler, the Nozzle is Gas-tight. The release temperature can be adjusted to suit prevailing conditions. This Extinguishers are most ideal for protection of computer area, ATM Center, server room, fuel and flammable liquid storage, oil fill-in stations, transformers, automobile garages, marine engines, paint and varnish booths, welding benches, domestic gas Storage’s particularly for hotels etc, and where water damage can not be tolerated.

Available in 2kg/ 5kg/ 10kg/ 15kg.

CO2 Gas Cartridge

We offer CO2 Gas Cartridge to our clients. CO2 Gas Cartridge are used to refill fire extinguishers These cartridges come in different volumes depending upon the size of the extinguisher installed at a location. These are used in offices, car, hospitals, schools, theaters and departmental stores and many other different places.

Available in 60/ 120/ 200/ 300 gms.