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Dry Chemical Powder Trolley Mounted Type Fire Extinguisher

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Dry Chemical Powder Trolley Type Fire Extinguisher. Dry Chemical Powder Extinguishers are versatile and highly effective against B & C classes of fires. This is suitable for burning liquid such as oil, petrol, Thiner Kerosene etc & burning gases such as Butane, Chloride, Natural Propane, Vinyl Chloride, Natural Gases. They can also be used on energized electric equipments. These are specialized design pressure gauge ensures perfect working and is 100% accurate. These comes with ISO 9001 and CE Certification, and conforms to ISI standards. These products appreciated for their high durability, sturdiness and excellent finish. These fire extinguishers are mounted over trolley because of their large capacity and weight.

We Offer 3 type of Dry Chemical Powder Trolley Mounted Type Fire Extinguisher:
  1. 25KG
  2. 50KG
  3. 75KG
Technical Specifications:

Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

We are the leading manufacturer & authorized dealer of Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers. Our products offers superior performance and reliability. Our clean agent extinguisher is safe to use on all the sensitive equipment as it doesn’t leave any residue. It is also eco-friendly extinguisher because of its zero ODP. Our provided Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher suitable for Class A, B,C & Electric fires. This is suitable to extinguish a fire involving Paper, Cloth, Fiber, Rubber, Plastic & Solid Combustible materials, Petrol, Oil Paints, Chemicals, Cooking & Welding Gas, Electrical & Electronic Equipments etc. Our all products are BIS Approved.

We Offer 4 different types of Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher
  1. 1KG
  2. 2KG
  3. 4KG
  4. 6KG
Technical Specifications: